SA WAD DEE KA! Thai Elephant Cuisine opened in spring of 2008 on Queen Street West / Niagara. Our chef has extensive experience in thai cuisine over 15 years. Our first thai restaurant opened in 2002 located at Bloor and Royal York and Second restaurant on Bay/Yorkville in Toronto. We make fresh, delicious, mouthwatering sauce and exotic soup in Toronto! NO MSG ADDED !! We serve food in excellent quality and very fresh. Our kitchen is designed to be open for the customer to see how we cook so they can enjoy this unique experience. Our Dinning room has 35 seats and patio 65 seats for comfortable in a relaxing atmosphere. Thai food known as alot of herb been used: Garlic, Lemongrass, Galanga, Basil, Chili, Ginger, Coconut, Mint, Shallot, Corriender, Lime, tumeric and many more. These herbs provide many health benefits to the customer, and also add to flavor and aroma of the dish. Not all Thai food is spicy only some of them are, and we do have level of spice. rp 4Nice | rp 4rp 4Medium Spicy | rp 4rp 4rp 4Spicy Spicy | rp 4rp 4rp 4rp 4Crazy Spicy We do alot of take out and delivery. On weekends we are always busy. Please call in advance to place your order and save with many special available. For hours of operation, Reservation, Specials, Chef’s Recommendations and other fascination details about THAI ELEPHANT CUISINE be sure to check more at our website or call 416 366 3400. KOP KUN KA!!